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Hypothetical Experiment on pH and Growth/Inhibition of Bacteria

Hypothetical experiment on pH and growth/inhibition of bacteria

First 3 slides: -
A title slide: Element 1
The Title Slide must have an appropriate and well-chosen background that enhances the opening of the presentation.
The color-scheme of the presentation is appropriate and visually pleasing.
*Any images-enhancements used must include a descriptive title and appropriate legend.
The font size and color choice of text is consistent and appropriate.

- Why you chose this topic-Rationale: Slide 2
The rationale must address why the topic chosen is important for exploration, research and academic endeavors.
The rationale should address why the topic chosen is currently, may in the future or is of particular interest to the student.
The rationale must address why the topic chosen is of importance for the betterment of humanity.

- Background on the topic, supported by scholarly sources: Slide 3
The background must source from scholarly references no older than 5 years.
The background must provide substantial justification of its importance.
The background must directly address the topic chosen.
Correct scientific terminology must be utilized.

The rest of the presentation:
The remainder of the project as a hypothetical protocol to experimentally address pH and growth/inhibition of bacteria.
Hypothesis (provide a testable hypothesis)
Materials (list the materials you will need)
Methods (describe how you will carry out the experiments)
Expected data (describe the details of what your EXPECT will be the outcome of your experiments)
Data (present the data, show charts, graphs, images, etc. from the hypothetical experiments)
Conclusions (draw the conclusions from your data-only the direct conclusions)
References (Scholarly references, three minimum and in APA format)

Prepare your presentation in a presentation format.
-short, descriptive phrases
-bulleted points on the slides are expected
-use declarative statements, be succinct and most of all, be clear and direct.

Scholarly References must be included both in-text and in a reference element at the end of your presentation. A minimum of three scholarly references are expected for your project. Make sure to properly reference any images or video you use that are not your own. Images, video and enhancements (hypothetical graphs, charts, etc.) are required to present data.
For all images, charts and graphs, a descriptive title and legend must be included as well as appropriate source citations.

* The hypothetical experiment you present must be something that could be performed experimentally. Please do not use human or animal experimentation.

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