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Data Sources

Second, please read five scholarly references that have a similar topic to yours, focusing on their “Data Sources” sections. Study and compare how those articles’ authors acquired and used the data by answering the following items and questions:

Please give the reference first using the format from the Literature Search and Evaluation Assignment.
Did the previous study use primary data, secondary data, or both?
If it used primary data, what kind of data collection was used: physical measurements, behavioral observations, archives, explicit reports, modeling, or anything else? What type of samples (water, soil, air, etc.)?
If it used physical measurements, did it include both field measurement and laboratory analysis? What are the parameters, sample size, sampling frequency, sampling method?
If it used secondary data, what are the data sources (i.e., census, archives, etc.)? Are they available to the public? Are they available online?
What variables were derived from the data sources?
Are the data sources useful for your project?

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