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How Do Electronic and Internet Marketing Support the IMC Objectives?

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An understanding of the IMC mix is essential in putting together an effective and creative IMC plan for Greet the Day. Given an understanding of marketing and how important integration is in a marketing program, I put an IMC plan that will overwhelm the client

In the process of effectively developing and implementing an IMC plan, marketers and communication professionals should always follow the marketing concept. Consumers’ wants and needs (i.e., donors and publics) should always be the main focus of the program. To lose this focus means that the program, although creative or award-winning, will sell no product or service.

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The basic objectives of all marketing communication methods are (1) to communicate, (2) to compete, and (3) to convince. In order to be effective, organizations should ensure that whatever information they communicate is clear, accurate, truthful, and useful to the stakeholders involved. In fact, being truthful and accurate in marketing communications is more than a matter of integrity; it’s also a matter of legality, since fraudulent marketing communications can end in lawsuits and even the criminal justice system. Marketing communication is key to competing effectively, particularly in markets where competitors sell essentially the same product at the same price in the same outlets. Only through marketing communications may an organization find ways to appeal to certain segments, differentiate its product, and create enduring brand loyalty. Remaining more appealing or convincing than competitors’ messages is an ongoing challenge. Ideally, marketing communication is convincing: it should present ideas, products, or services in such a compelling way that target segments are led to take a desired action. The ability to persuade and convince is essential to winning new business, but it may also be necessary to reconvince and retain many consumers and customers. Just because a customer buys a particular brand once or a dozen times, or even for a dozen years, there is no guarantee that the person will stick with the original product. That is why marketers want to make sure he or she is constantly reminded of the product’s unique benefits.

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In this area, researchers analyse how the total quality management processes are supported by the integrated communications within the organisation as well as the challenges that are faced by organisation in regards to the IMC implementation. IMC has also been studied in relation to public relations. The studies have examined how integrated communication marketing can be incorporated with public relations (Kliatchko 2008, p.138). However, critics from this particular viewpoint argue that the IMC is biased and has a narrow point of view of public relations (Cornelissen & Lock 2000, p.84). The concept has also been studied in relation to marketing and the implications of the IMC concepts to marketing relationships

The study indicates that implementing an approach that is more humanistic to marketing relationships results in long-lasting interactions between the consumers and the marketers (Kliatchko 2008, p.140). Moreover, the general social nature of the businesses and in particular marketing depends on the relations that the marketers create between them and the consumers. In addition, understanding the role of communications is vital in maintaining the profitable stakeholder’s relationship (Kliatchko 2008, p.140). As indicated, the major areas of study in IMC concern its definitions, understanding theoretical foundations surrounding the concept and perceptions. Besides, the implementation and practice of IMC within the organisations, disagreements, conflicts, as well as the opposing views also emerged as hot topics that have drawn a lot of interests.

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In a word, once marketers have selected marketing communications methods, the next step is to decide which specific tools to employ, when, and how much. IMC programs are very powerful when they layer communication channels and methods upon one another—it’s an approach that amplifies and reinforces the message

The next section of this module goes into much more detail about marketing communication methods, common tools associated with each method, and when/how to use these tools most effectively.

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