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Fahrenheit 451

Find the elements of a dystopian novel that Bradbury employed well or effectively in Fahrenheit 451. Focus on a few identifying features and details that he incorporated. Focus on one or more of the criteria for “dystopian” fiction in the available course handout defining dystopias to demonstrate what most defines Fahrenheit 451 as a dystopian novel in your paragraphs. In the introduction, refer to Neil Gaiman’s discussion of fiction in his introduction to the novel. Refer to your Discussion entries for this part.
For the thesis, focus on the handout “Defining Dystopian Fiction.” Which major criteria does the novel meet? Discuss and support your thesis in the body paragraphs. In the paragraphs, give examples that support your claims; see below:
For one, the novel depicts a society in which independent thought is restricted. One crisis in the novel that illustrates this point is when Beatty finds Guy’s attempt to read a book threatening (46). Explain further….
Conclude the essay with a statement of its theme and/or relevance to our reality. What is the main problem with the world that Bradbury depicts or under what “illusion” of utopia are the people in the society living? What do we learn about society from a fictional work like this?

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