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Economic Globalisation

please answer the question below and follow the guidelines provided.

Q: Having explored the importance of economic globalisation, this activity submission requires you to apply the content covered in this module (attached) by analysing the ease of doing business in a selected country of your choice.
Firstly, familiarise yourself with the World Bank’s 2019 Doing Business Full Report (attachment DB2019-report-web-version 1) by reading with the following sections of the report:
• Overview (pp. 1–21)
• Summaries of Doing Business Reforms in 2017/18 (pp. 133–151)
Having engaged with the report, scroll down to the country tables (pp. 152) and select one country. Once you have done this answer the following question:
1. Review the institutional quality indicators and ease of doing business in the country of your choice, and analyse at least two indicators; that is, why do you think the country measures strong or weak on these indicators?
In your response, consider the underlying causes of these indicators, and specifically how you think the effects of globalisation may have impacted them. Also consider the role that the country’s political and economic institutions may have had in strengthening or weakening the indicators under analysis.
When writing your essay, you are required to make reference to the course material. Your submission, excluding in-text citations and list of references, may not exceed 600 words.

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