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Anti-Semitism on the Internet

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Until recent years, many Jews in America believed that the worst of anti-Semitism was over there, in Europe, a vestige of the old country. American Jews were welcome in universities, country clubs and corporate boards that once excluded their grandparents

They married non-Jews, moved into mixed neighborhoods and by 2000, the first Jew ran for vice president on a major party ticket.

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On H-Antisemitism (, an Internet forum for scholarly discussions of the subject, Michael Posluns, a political scientist at the University of Toronto, wrote, “Sad and misbegotten missives of the sort below make me wonder if it is not the purpose of mainstream Jewish organizations to foster anti-Jewishness by calling down all who take from their Jewish experience and Jewish thought a different ethos and different ways of being as feeding anti-Semitism.” Others have praised Mr. Rosenfeld’s indictment and joined the fray

Shulamit Reinharz, a sociologist who is also the wife of Jehuda Reinharz, the president of Brandeis University, wrote in a column for The Jewish Advocate in Boston: “Most would say that they are simply anti-Zionists, not anti-Semites. But I disagree, because in a world where there is only one Jewish state, to oppose it vehemently is to endanger Jews.” Although many of the responses to the essay have referred to its subject as “Jewish anti-Semitism,” Mr. Rosenfeld said in a telephone interview that he was very careful not to use that phrase. But whatever it is called, he said, “I wanted to show that in an age when anti-Semitism is resurgent, Jews thinking the way they’re thinking is feeding into a very nasty cause.”

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Since 2009 the Global Forum's Working Group on Antisemitism on the Internet and in the Media has provided a forum for experts from civil society and governments to share information and formulate leading solutions to tackle antisemitism online and in the mass media. The working groups outputs include comprehensive reports on the state of online antisemitism and efforts responding to it, technical recommendation to improve online platforms, policy recommendations for the internet industry, media industry and governments, recommendations for action by stakeholders, and technical tools and assets to assist those combating antisemitism. (Jacob Katz) With online antisemitism fuelling violent extremism, the working group also examines ways to combating the role of the internet in radicalization and extremism

This action plan includes the recommendations of the Working Group at its meeting during the 5th Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism. (Léon Poliakov)

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In short, the internet has allowed anti-Semitism to morph and to change, and that poses new challenges, a relatively modern narrative of Jews somehow organizing or promoting non-white immigration to Western Europe and the United States, thus threatening to effect "white genocide." It's this narrative that a growing number of hate speech watchers see as cultivating a sense of urgency among online readers that they must take up arms against Jews and others.

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From Prejudice to Destruction: Anti-Semitism, 1700-1933 by Jacob Katz;

De l'antijudaïsme antique à l'antisémitisme contemporaire by Valentin Nikiprowetzky, Léon Poliakov;

Ni juif ni grec: entretiens sur le racisme by Léon Poliakov; L'Europe suicidaire 1870-1933, vol. 4 of Histoire de l'antisémitisme by Léon Poliakov

Modern Judaism, Vol. 1, Richard D. Hecht No. 2 (Sep., 1981), pp. 235-243

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