Instructions How to Write

Email to Co-Worker


Be sure to read Chapters 1-4 in our textbook before starting this assignment.
Remember to set up your document as if it were an actual email: you must include To, From, Date, and Subject headers.
Be very careful about establishing an appropriate tone, and selecting necessary information.
Analyze your audience, and consider your purpose carefully.
Use positive language as much as possible and ask yourself how you would react if you were the recipient. It is a good idea to read your message out loud, in order to gauge its impact and overall tone.
Remember that less is often more in situations such as this. Work on conciseness.
Proofread carefully: you will be graded on spelling and mechanics, tone and style, grammar, format, and content. Regardless of the content of your email, I cannot pass an assignment that has significant problems in these areas.
Be creative! You are expected to make up plausible details.

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