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Essay Research Proposal - Latin American Development

OIn order to begin developing your proposal, you will first need to decide on your topic; students are encouraged to run these topics by the course convenor via e-mail. The student can choose any topic related to any theme in Latin American Politics. The most common problem in choosing a topic is generally narrowing it down to subject matter appropriate for a single research essay. Usually this means restricting the temporal period to be covered in the essay, and the specific cases that you wish to study. For example, “Extractivism in Latin America” is not a suitable topic because it is too general, does not identify any case studies, and does not indicate a relevant time period to frame the study; “Conflicts Between Social Movements and the State over Extractivism in Ecuador during the Government of Rafael Correa (2007-2017),” is, by contrast, a suitable topic. Once you have discussed your topic with the course convenor you can move toward formulating your research proposal.
• General Topic
• Central research question
• 2-3 sub-questions that break down the main research question into smaller parts
• A preliminary hypothesis/or preliminary argument (this can and will change at a later date in the course, as you refine your research essay and read more widely on the topic)
• Proposed structure for the different sections of the essay and how many words will be devoted to each section

• (not included in the one-page) Properly-formatted bibliography of at least two books and 10 academic journal articles (or 15 journal articles if no electronic versions of books are available) relevant to your topic.

Relevant Journals:
Latin American Perspectives
Latin American Research Review
Latin American Politics and Society
Journal of Latin American Studies
Bulletin of Latin American Research
NACLA Report on the Americas
Hispanic American Historical Review
European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies

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