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Film Review - Harlem Renaissance

A critique or review in the form of an analysis of the film’s historic accuracy as well as “what it teaches” about African Americans generally and, where applicable, in the Harlem Renaissance in particular. Think in terms of what someone without your knowledge base and expertise would “learn” about Black Americans in this period and the history of the Harlem renaissance or race relations in the United States in general from seeing this film. Given your analysis then, what role might mass media, in the form of this commercial film, play in what we understand about our collective past? Do you think this film offers more positives than negatives in its presentation of African Americans? And, finally and in particular, how does your reading this eight weeks inform your viewing and analysis of this film? (You do not have to answer these questions sequentially, but you should address each one in some way.) This essay should make a contention or argument, and should use solid evidence academically cited to make its case.

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