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Heroes of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 Pandemic

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Every crisis has its heroes, every disaster its displays of selflessness and sacrifice. Firefighters race into burning buildings. Police officers place themselves in the line of fire

Soldiers march into war. And now, amid the coronavirus pandemic, our health-care workers, doctors, nurses, EMTs and support staff who risk becoming infected themselves — who risk infecting their own families — are making extraordinary sacrifices to care for the rest of us.

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The term “frontline workers” often conjures images of doctors in Hazmat suits and soldiers in uniform. But during the coronavirus outbreak, workers across a vast array of industries have found themselves essential parts of the machine that keeps the world in motion, required to do their jobs despite great risk—whether hog farm employees or bus drivers, mental health counselors or police officers. Volunteers are becoming heroes of the coronavirus pandemic. In Poland, they are keeping hard-pressed medics supplied with coffee and lunch

In New York, they are packing food for people who can no longer afford to buy it. In Australia, a bookstore is delivering by bike to isolated people. Amid all the suffering and anxiety caused by the coronavirus pandemic, volunteers across the globe are showing courage and resilience in helping some of the most vulnerable. From keeping people supplied with basics during lockdowns, to helping the elderly and confused protect themselves.

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On balance, more than ever, it will be imperative to provide support and adjustment assistance to individuals, firms, or entire communities hit by the crisis. But we should resist the urge to resume our relentless, if fashionable, tech bashing

If there is a silver lining in the current crisis, it is the realization that knowledge – primarily math, science, and technology in this case – is our best weapon.

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