Instructions How to Write


• Introduction:
o Basic Introduction Idea:
o What are swine? How do they live?
o Thesis:
o swine are pigs, girls and boys, swine can live anywhere and eat anything.
o Transition Sentence:
o Pigs can be wild, or you can raise them to become pets like the 2 pet pigs that I have.
• Paragraph 1:
o Idea 1
o Swine pets
o Supporting Evidence:
o We keep my pet pigs behind the barn in the shed and we feed them all our left overs.
o Transition Sentence:
o They love to get out and play they live eating the garden.
• Paragraph 2:
o Idea 2:
o Pigs that are wild
o Supporting Evidence:
o Pigs are are wild can be very dangerous some of them will even attack you.
o Transition Sentence:
o Wild pigs will eat anything they can find wether it be corn you put out for them or a dead animal, it doesn’t matter.
• Paragraph 3:
o Idea 3:
o swine over all
o Supporting Evidence:
o Pigs can be good and bad just like us humans, pigs actually have lots of the same organs and body parts we have.
o Transition Sentence:
o Pigs are like dogs that have to be trained. I show pigs we just got ours they are so little and cute right now.
• Conclusion:
o Restate Supporting Ideas and Thesis:
o Swine live like humans they eat and sleep and grow until they die
o Wrap It Up:
o Wether It be from a disease or from a killing or just old age they die.

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