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Matilda Film Analysis

1) Write at least one paragraph describing the movie’s plot and what the film communicates about marriage or family (i.e., the values assumed or promoted).
2)Write at least one paragraph describing how husbands, wives, parents, siblings and and/or children are portrayed (i.e. gender roles, parenting styles, roles and rules of the family).
3) Write five paragraphs at least four pages applying five (5) concepts from lecture or text material in this course. These concepts could be demonstrated at any place in the movie. For each concept, write a one paragraph discussion of how it is demonstrated in the film.
4)Write at least two paragraphs reflecting on your experience completing this project.
5) Make sure reference page is APA format

The five concepts to be used are:
1) Like marries like theory between Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood
2) two parenting styles.. Please do two different paragraphs...
A)Mrs. Wormwood is neglectful (Paragraph 1)
B)Mr. Wormwood is Authoritarian (Paragraph 2)
3) add the social ecology theory that states it take a village to raise a child. Since Matilda parents were neglectful there were people around her that helped he to be successful. ( Mrs. Phelps the librarian and Ms. Honey her teacher).
4)Disengaged family( hardly any family communication etc.... )
5) gender roles portrayed in the wormwood family throughout the movie

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