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Define Direct Marketing

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Direct Marketing consists of connecting directly with carefully targeted consumers, often on a one-to-one, interactive basis

Using detailed databases, companies tailor their marketing offers and communications to the needs of narrowly defined segments or individual buyers. Beyond brand and relationship building, direct marketers usually seek a direct, immediate and measurable consumer response. The New Direct Marketing Model Early direct marketers-- catalog companies, direct mailers, and telemarketers-- gathered customer names and sold goods mainly by mail and telephone.

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Direct marketing implies marketing to the consumers directly without secondary media such as TV commercials. Direct Marketing includes the distribution of fliers, displaying signs such as “weekly specials” inside the store. Direct Marketing carefully targeted individual consumers to both obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships. Direct marketers communicate directly with customers, often on a one-on-one, interactive basis. Using detailed database, they tailor their marketing offers and communications to the needs of narrowly defined segments or even individual buyers. Direct Marketing is generally used by small to m edium size companies that do not have the budget for expensive commercial.There are many forms of direct marketing. The major types are as follows: Direct mail – the advertiser contact prospective customers by sending some form of advertisement through the mail

Music and book clubs, magazine clearing house, and credit card companies make use of direct mail. Catalogue marketing – companies mail catalogues to consumers and to businesses or make them available at retail stores, and consumers make their purchase from the catalogues. For example, Sears and Canadian Tire’s catalogue shopping. Catalogue retailers appear well suited to operating on the internet as they has the systems and distribution experience required for such an undertaking. Telemarketing – using the telephone and call centers to sell directly to prospects and existing consumers. Companies use call centers for Inbound (receiving calls from customers) and outbound (initiating calls to prospects and customers) telemarketing. Direct marketing has been a major growth area in retailing. Its advantages related particularly to its ability to direct the marketing effort to those consumers who are most likely to respond positively. It also offers products and services in a way that is most convenient for the consumer.

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The last pillar is profitability which states that the goal of marketing is to assist companies achieve their objectives. Marketing managers in any company have to analyze the productivity of all available marketing strategies and verdicts and select the most profitable verdicts for a lasting survival and expansion of the business (Pickton 2010). The evolution of marketing is related to competitive strength resulting from the instant and remote surrounding of a business organisation. In the past, competitive strength had minimal standards and the production context arose. This was founded on sequential production and immense product supply. After some time, the product concept arose, aimed at augmenting income by increasing extra characteristics to the product, making it more appealing to the consumers. The sales concept was established as a rejoinder to the product concept phenomenon. This aimed at boosting the sales attempts by increasing the organisations profits. In the 1950s, the marketing concept came into being. This was founded on the needs of the market but not on the accessible stock. Up to today, marketing attempts to orient all the actions in a company to consumer satisfaction, achieving profits in return. In the 1960s, competitiveness in marketing activities continued increasing, and the marketing concept continued to expand so as to respond to these transformations. This concept introduced new techniques of fulfilling customer wants from troublesome inventions originating from within the company (Bose 2000). Business orientations refer to the primary services provided by a business to its customers. It exists in four forms which include the expert, the product, self service and the good. Business orientations are divided into both customer and competitor orientation.

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As has been noted, direct marketing is a great opportunity for businesses, if used in the right way, but it is also a good way for agencies to show off their chops. If they put all their creativity to the strategy and use really shocking advertising techniques, the campaign will be long remembered by the public (and attract potential customers).

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