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Grassroots Advocacy Assignment

Task 1: Click on the link below and read through the NASW Florida Chapter Legislative & Policy Advocacy Agenda:

Task 2: Select one of the legislative priorities/areas (e.g. Increase funding and accessibility for mental health, behavioral health and medical health care services, Promote criminal justice laws and sentencing guidelines that are reasonable, equitable, free of bias, flexible to the situation, and protect the public etc.) listed in the agenda that most interests you. Think about how the issue might impact your work as a professional social worker. If you prefer you can use a policy of your choice from earlier years.

Task 3: Take one action in support of your policy. In times of social distancing attending a meeting or doing a face to face interview may be impossible. You can call or write a letter to a legislator. You can even develop a fact sheet about the issue for dissemination. You may engage in an online information and advocacy group that will help you gain greater understanding as to your action. If possible, but safe, you may also visit and interview a policy or decision maker or hear them at an open forum.

Task 4: Draft a two-page summary of your “action” advocating for an existing policy proposal or you may write your own policy that might address the issue/legislative area you have identified in Task 2. End your summary by explaining what role social workers can play in advocating for the issue/policy of concern to you.

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