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Marketing for Mont Tremblant Tourism

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The City of Mont Tremblant is committed to the success of its tourism industry along with the benefits it brings to the region’s economy. With focus on attracting more foreign visitors, the Mont Tremblant tourism office has the responsibility of promoting, advertising and marketing the region globally

Their goal is to promote Mont Tremblant as a resort destination to attract visitors from all parts of the world.

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The Royal LePage Winter Recreational Property Survey showed that Quebec's major resort markets reported a solid gain in sales activity and a modest price appreciation in 2019 compared to the previous 12-month period1. Families looking for a winter recreational property are competing to buy in some of the most coveted areas at the start of the winter season, as high demand in the province's residential market continues to quickly absorb inventory, favouring sellers in many regions. "A healthy economy, consumer confidence, and the province's robust housing market are all factors that have driven buyers to purchase a secondary or main residence in the province's alpine markets," said Dominic St-Pierre, vice president and general manager of Royal LePage, Quebec region. "The rise in recreational sales coincides with growing household incomes, providing additional budget to purchase a property. Low interest rates and a strong job market also motivate buyers. The median price of single-family homes increased 1.8% year-over-year to $303,030 for a 12-month period ending September 30, 2019. During the same period, the province saw a 4.3% increase in single-family home sales. Among the six condominium markets with enough sales to produce reliable data, all markets except Saint-Sauveur experienced a median price increase

The average price of a condominium for these reporting regions was $272,751, up 11.7% year-over-year, while sales increased a moderate 2.2% over the same period.

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Some people are concerned of marketing’s potential negative influence on their lives and have ethical concerns about its effects on society. Because marketing and advertising has become so ubiquitous in modern life, it is very importance for companies to remain ethical and sensitive in their communication with the public and society at large. What most consumers fail to realise is that the promotion and persuasion by marketing campaigns that they view, is only the tip of the iceberg of the systematic thought process, which makes up marketing (Middleton, 2010). Overall, marketing is a system of a series of stages that lead a consumer to believe and want a product, good, or service. In the industry of tourism and travel, the intention of marketing is to introduce the subject (consumer) to the service offered and why they should choose it over the many other options. The case scenario is that as the new Marketing Executive of London Gatwick Airport, I will lead the airport in becoming more successful through making the changes outlined below for a new marketing scheme. Understanding the ways in which modern society shapes marketing is essential when creating a successful marketing mix. In the past, marketing material, whether online or off the intern, was controlled by the destination or company in the sense that they developed the literature and had ownership of its dissemination. Today, in contemporary times, there are many outlets and avenues for consumers to receive information and reviews of destinations and travel organisations, which is not controlled or regulated. Third-party website, such as Trip Advisor, have paved the way for this uncontrolled mechanism of information spread. Consumers now have a voice in which they can inform strangers about their experiences while traveling. This opinions can be both advantageous and lethal for travel organisations, hotels, tour companies, restaurants, etc., as their reviews are out of their control and not always accurate or up to date with the reality of the services

Social media has further extenuated the reaches of information transmittance. In essence, a marketing mix cannot be separated from electronic forms of communication in which our modern day, internet-based society depends (Armstrong, G, 2000).

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To sum up, for Montrealers who earn their bread tapping at keyboards and fielding phone calls, it’s easy enough to pack cellphones and laptops as well as skis and work from the cottage or cabin on Friday and Monday to make the most of weekends on the mountain

Others reverse the pattern, spending a couple of days a week at a pied-à-terre in the city, while spending most of their time in the mountains.

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