Instructions How to Write

Dungeons & Dragons Review

1. Examine the executive summary. Is the main message of the executive summary clear to you? In addition, would bulleting any information here help the readability of the executive summary? If so, what information could be bulleted? If not, why not?

2. Examine the graphics. Do they serve a purpose? If so, give an example of a graphic in the paper and the purpose it serves. If not, provide an idea for a graphic for this paper.

3. Examine the research in the paper. It has only four sources, while the assignment asks for at least five sources. In what sections of the paper would more research benefit the paper? Please point out at least two sections.

4. Describe your overall response to this white paper. Does it identify a problem and provide reasonable “new approaches” to the problem? Does the writer persuade an audience to adopt this strategy to teach team-building skills? Please write a short paragraph in answering this question.

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