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Business Strategic Management

In this case study assignment, you will be analyzing the eHarmony case study. The case study pushes us to think about differentiation and positioning in an industry. We use case studies in this course because of the managerial lesson that transcends time rather than "newness".

1. Read the case study twice. Once to get a broad understanding of the issues. The second time for evidence to help understand eHarmony's VRIO and business strategy.

2. Write a 1-page response to the question in the syllabus,

How serious is the competitive threat to eHarmony?
Note, the question has identified a particular firm for you. The case study provides detailed information eHarmony, Match (Chemistry), and Yahoo. Use this competitor information to help you understand whether resources are rare, inimitable, and organized.

Identify eHarmony's business strategy. Describe the market segments served (approach to market) and strategic emphasis. In order to identify eHarmony's strategic emphasis, you can analyze eHarmony's distinctive competence using the VRIO to diagnose its business strategy.

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