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Fake Content Technology

What are the negative implications of the realistic synthetic media being accessible and produced on a vast scale by anyone?
What are some positive aspects of synthetic media technology?
What does the phrase “technology is democratizing” mean?
How does Farid answer his own question: “Why did Stalin airbrush those people out of those photographs?... Why go through the trouble?”
How does the analogy of “text autocomplete” explain synthetic video creation?
What are the factors that contributed to the ability of beginner level students to be able to produce such high level, synthetic realistic graphics?
How do synthesized media contribute to “plausible deniability”?
What are the international security concerns with this technology? And what is being done about that?
How realistic is the idea that in a synthetic technology future, people will have to record themselves constantly as an insurance policy in order to protect themselves?
What is the solution to the fake news phenomenon, according to the article?
How are fake videos and fake photos a “human problem”?
Are photography and videography ever truly objective? Do they really ever show the whole truth in any situation?
Why did Christopher Blair start fabricating fake news? What was his initial motivation for creating fake news?
Which one of Blair’s fake headlines is your favorite for creativity and emotional appeal?
How does Blair describe his own work? What kind of fake stories are they? (from the list we studied in class)
What was Blair’s secondary motivation for creating fake content?

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