Instructions How to Write

Business Company Analysis

Brief company history
Company Mission, Vision, Goals and objectives
Any mergers and acquisitions that took place (did they buy another company or did another company buy them)?
Geographic locations covered (Routes)
Type of commodities carried. (Bulk goods, perishable items)
Processes that take place? (Import, export, delivery, operational processes that are in place to ensure company efficiency, look at the cost of the item)
What government agencies are involved? (if any)
What cost does the consumer pay for the final product.
Contracts involved (delivery times, cost, failing to deliver, late delivery, penalties) anything else you can think about.
What modes of transport are used to deliver the product to the consumer? (look at the efficiency and cost)
Does the company plan to buy or invest in new equipment ?
Does the company invest in technology? (tracking systems, software) IF so, how will this technology help them remain sustainable in the future.
How has the pandemic, help or hurt their business? (in terms of tonnage of goods moved) ?
Show company stock price, before pandemic and after pandemic.
Conclusion - What is the company out look for the future ?

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