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Financial Crisis Analysis Paper

1) Economic, Market, and Regulatory Conditions that were in place prior to the crisis. Often times there are conditions that encourage speculation that lead to a “bubble” and then a crisis. In those terms, what caused the “bubble” if there was one.
2) What events or factors caused the crisis? There may be debate on this and that is fine to review.
3) How did the banking system survive the crisis? If there were closings and other concerns, how were problem banks dealt with. Was there a “liquidity” crisis and if so, how far from the banks did it spread?
4) What happened to the foreign exchange market, the fixed income market, and the equity market during the crisis?
5) Were there any other particular major events that occurred because of the crisis? These could be bankruptcies, problems with specific markets like derivatives or real estate, etc.
6) What changes in regulation or other economic policies occurred as a result of the crisis? How much long term impact did the crisis have on the structure and operation of financial markets and the banking system? How much long term impact did the crisis have on economic growth?

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