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Assimilation and Allotment of Native Americans

-Describing how through allotment why people believed they would believed they would benefit the native people … tie assimilation

Native people argued that allotment was a violation of their treaties and the relationship the fed government has with the native… talk about ross

Treaties explain the issue with natives

Allotment did not benefit native people.. concluded in land loss and suffering for native people

Please ONLY use the book Native American Tribalism by D'Arcy McNickle, in chapter 3, for outside sources.

Removal also is known as the Indian Removal act in 1830, was the physical removal of Native Indians where they were forced to sign treaties to give up their lands (completely different from allotment/assimilation). Assimilation was an act that white colonizers took part in to force Native Americans into the dominant society to strip them from their tribal cultures and identity. Assimilation was used to force Native Americans to be more "Americanized", this consisted of forcing native Americans to dress, talk, and act like white Americans. The Dawes Act (1887) ties to allotment, where the government subdivided Native American tribal communal landholdings into allotments for Native American male heads of families.

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