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Power Systems

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The high voltage electric transmission is the bulk transfer of electrical energy, from generating power plants to substations. This is from the local wiring between high voltage substations and customers are referred to as electricity distribution. Transmission lines, when interconnected with each other, become high voltage transmission networks. Transmission lines mostly use three phase alternating current (AC), although single phase AC is sometimes used in railway electrification systems.

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The major items to be studied for the steady operation of customers’ power systems and the measures to be implemented to prevent system failures are shown in Table 6. Instantaneous voltage-drop / power-failure prevention techniques will become more important for business continuity given the recent and frequent occurrence of natural disasters and the rising concern about the deterioration of power quality because of the expanded introduction of renewable energy

This section describes and discusses some examples of analyses for instantaneous voltage-drop / powerfailure countermeasures. Nisshin Electric developed various types of equipment that are indispensable for semiconductor production processes in order to prevent instantaneous voltage-drop / power-failure, and supplied them to semiconductor plants. Figure 9 presents an outline of our parallel-type full-voltage compensator “ALLSAFE”(8) that can control instantaneous voltage drop / power failure, while Fig. 10 compares the waveforms that were measured in an in-plant test of this equipment with the waveforms obtained by EMTP, instantaneous value analysis software.

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The demand of electric power is increasing day by day. This situation has necessitated a review of the traditional power system concepts and practices to achieve greater operating flexibility and better utilization of existing power systems. During the last two decades, various high-power semiconductor device and control technologies have been introduced [1, 2]. These technologies have been instrumental in the broad application of high voltage DC and AC transmissions. The UPFC is the one of most powerful Facts device, introduced by Gyugyi, [3]. For the Power system load flow studies the UPFC current based model is used, which improve the steady state and dynamic performance of the system [4, 5].

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In summary, there are a lot more power system analysis software tools available in the market

However, research is mainly on ERACS as it is regularly use by power engineers for system design and planning purposes. Therefore, they have direct key into the program development to incorporate best practices currently in electrical industry. Nevertheless, one can always find ERACS at most universities in UK.

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