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Job Analysis Assignment

Job Analysis Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to practice conducting a job analysis for a job that you would consider applying to. In addition, you will prepare a personal résumé and link your personal KSAOs to the TDRs for the job. The goal is for you to understand what employers may be looking for in a particular job and then be able to link your qualifications to that specific job.

Learning Outcomes:
Effectively conduct a job analysis
Identify valid and reliable assessment methods for the TDRs of the job
Link specific KSAOs to the TDRs of a job
Prepare a résumé that is tailored to a specific job
Identify areas of personal growth
This assignment is comprise of three components as follows:

Identify a job that you would consider applying to and conduct a job analysis for this position.
Identify the specific KSAOs required for the position and determine valid and reliable methods for assessing these.
Prepare a personal résumé for this position that highlights your qualifications for the job.

Conduct a job analysis
For this portion of the assignment you are to identify a job that you would like to apply to either now or at some point in the future. You will need to conduct a formal job analysis for this job. You will need to identify the best method for conducting a job analysis based on the tools that you have available. This means that you will conduct a combination of interviews, observations, and/or questionnaires to determine the TDRs of a job. Once you have gathered the relevant information, you will need to write a formal job description. DO NOT COPY A JOB DESCRIPTION FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE. You may use other job descriptions as a starting point but you will need to WRITE a formal job description with a complete list of TDRs you have identified for the position.


Description of the process by which you conducted the job analysis
A formal job description that includes explicit task statements
A comprehensive job requirements matrix that includes the relative importance and time spent on each duty

Write a complete person specification for the position
For this portion of the assignment you are to write a comprehensive person specification. This means that you will need to identify the KSAOs that a person should possess for the job. These will need to be clearly identified and linked to the TDRs for the job. Each of the KSAOs will need to be rated in importance. In addition, you will need to identify specific ways that you would assess applicants for these KSAOs. It is important that the methods you select are both reliable and valid.

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