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How Do Learning Styles Ultimately Affect the Possibility for a Behavioral Change?

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Did you know that your learning style affects each part of your life – family, home, school, work, and all relationships? Each person prefers to learn in different ways, and your preferred style will be guiding you in everything you do. The way you prefer to learn new information and interact with the world has a direct impact on your work, your school life, your friendships and family relationships. For example, if you’re in school, the big secret that most people don’t know is that school tends to cater to just one learning style

Always remember this: Everyone has an extraordinary capacity to learn in many different ways. Each style is a gift and once you know how you learn best you can use this to your advantage at work, in school or at home. To understand what a learning style is,and how it affects your life, first you need to find out how you learn best.

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Therefore, students’ awareness of own learning styles can also help them to understand their own weaknesses and strengths in learning process. In other words, they will know what kind of learning activities make understand lesson easier or vise versa

Third is because students’ awareness of own learning styles can help them match their learning styles with appropriate learning strategies in English learning in order to achieve effective learning. This matching is indeed very crucial for students because it can help to create interesting and motivational learning process. Based on the above reasons, it can be said that students’ awareness of their own leaning styles is very important as it can increase students’ learning achievement in English learning. Teaching English to non English students can be difficult due to students’ limited interaction to the English in their daily life Therefore, to fi nd out most appropriate teaching and learning styles in English learning, teachers should have the knowledge of their students’ styles in learning.Teachers who know their students’ preferred learning styles can match their teaching styles with students learning styles. This is very important as it effect greatly to the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process. Students’ preferred learning styles can help teachers to prepare lesson plan and decide learning activities and teaching strategies based on consideration of variety of their students’ learning styles in a particular classroom. Teachers’ awareness of their students’ learning styles, therefore, can be an effective base in order to create effective, motivating and interesting learning environment for students. In short, the above explanation shows the importance of conducting a study on students’ preferred learning styles in learning English. The study is important in order to get intended data regarding kind of learning styles preferred by students in their learning in English lessons.

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This was because, most of the immigrants belonged to the low class group in the society. As a result, there were major changes on development and styles of learning after the twenty-first century. According to Article 26.1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it is stated that every human being has a right to education regardless of factors such as social classes, cultural differences, and gender among other differential factors (Power, 2000, p.152). Nevertheless, this initiative has been affected by several factors, which include: The home environment has a significant effect on the learning and its development. For instance, the children from slum regions (especially the immigrants) will not have a good home environment that is conducive for learning. On the other hand, those from high-class regions have a proper environment because of the low population in those regions. The same case applies to the socio-economic status in which the children belong. Children from low classes will lack most of the essential learning tools such as stationary hence affecting their learning. Cultural differences also affect learning and development because they bring about issues of discrimination among the students

Parental involvement is another factor influencing learning and development in the twenty-first century, mainly because if parents do not support their children by providing for them as well as assisting through coaching the students may not perform well. Last is the influence from media, which has changed the look of education. For instance, it is now possible to learn without physically attending classes, through online tutors. All the aforementioned factors have significantly influenced learning styles and development either positively or negatively.

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Briefly, the result of the research of is aligned and consistent

As human beings in different dimensions have differences, and these differences in abilities, talents, desire and ultimately enhanced their learning style, understanding learning styles of students and guiding them in selecting the appropriate field of study, This allows us to provide them with knowledge, issues with your interests and qualifications adapted and the psychological environment and their academic career and secured and in that environment, their abilities and skills to operate.

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