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For this assignment, you will select a particular student population of interest and conduct a literature review to decide what you believe, based on your research, is an effective brief psycho-educational intervention that has been used to help this population achieve academic success. This intervention could be designed to, for example:

help increase learner's self-efficacy in a particular discipline,
increase academic persistence,
help learners learn to become "self-regulated learners,"
help inoculate the student population to the harmful effects of stereotype threat, or
help instill a "growth mindset."
Be sure that your paper includes a literature review of the theories and issues that inspired the intervention, as well as a review of the research that has helped us to understand the efficacy of this particular type of intervention. Your paper must address the following questions:

What is the theory behind why this intervention was originally believed to be a potentially helpful intervention? What constructs covered in this class are related to the efficacy of this intervention? (e.g., self-efficacy, stereotype threat, achievement motivation?)
Where did the idea for this intervention originate from? (e.g. original authors/researchers)
What specific populations of students/learners is this intervention designed for? What is the evidence of its efficacy for this particular population? How helpful is it, and what are the limitations of the intervention?
What exactly does the intervention entail (e.g., procedures, setting)?
What methods were used by researchers to test the efficacy of the intervention? What were the results and conclusions of the research studies?

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