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Civil or Criminal Procedure: Casey Anthony Trial

First, identify the purpose of the trial. Identify who brought the charges and the defendant.

Next, select a specific procedure such as issues of jurisdiction, right to a trial, discovery, pleadings, rules of evidence, rules of the trial, beyond a reasonable doubt (any aspect of criminal or civil PROCEDURE discussed in Unit 6 video lecture). Describe the procedure you selected.

Then discuss how the legal process shaped the litigation?

Finally, discuss the following: Just as the Benjamin Franklin’s (1785) quote, “That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer…,” reflects how the value of preserving liberty shapes criminal process, what social values were reflected, advanced, or hindered by the process you describe?

Be sure to not just describe any case, the evidence, and the verdict. In this discussion, you are looking specifically at the judicial procedures such as issues of the procedure discussed in Professor Helton's video lecture. You are looking at issues of right to a trial, discovery, pleadings, rules of evidence, rules of the trial or beyond a reasonable doubt in this specific case, how it impacted the case, and what value was considered (reflected, advanced, or hindered) by the process you describe. Don't forget to list the references, statutes, and or case correctly.

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