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Personal Moral Statement

Personal Moral Statement: Each student will articulate a well-considered “personal moral statement” that is clearly stated, discussed within the context of the discipline of moral philosophy (deontological, utilitarian, virtue ethics, etc.) and conceptually applied to personal, social, and global factors. For example, let’s assume that you want to adopt the traditionally ascribed doctors’ moral standard “Do no harm” (note: you cannot use this one [“do not harm”] or anything else generic like that which would be on a bumper sticker) as your own moral statement. Following the paper outline from the appendix of your textbook, then, you may proceed in the following manner:
o Introduction with a clearly worded thesis statement, i.e., your personal moral statement.
o Define it in detail that includes recognition of its basis in some discipline of moral philosophy
o Consider how practicing this moral statement will affect a variety of personal, social, and global consequences
o Articulate and respond to anticipated objections
o Conclusion

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