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Kinesthetic Arts in Education

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School is about getting an education and preparing students for the future. From the very beginning, it molds students into who they will grow up to be and what they will do. Children need to learn a little of everything in order to spark their interest. Not only should school make people well rounded in many topics but also helps them seek further knowledge in a subject whether that is in a core subject or the arts. It gets them ready for life after school when they will be out in the real world having a career. However, the lack of art programs in school is a problem

Art programs have been continuously eliminated throughout the years. Schools focus on standardize testing and trying to improve their students’ scores.

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Certain movement ideas frequently used by in informal situations seem to belong together and can be utilised in dance. Educators on their part, they can facilitate the students by guiding exploring different ideas of movement such as running and leaping, turning and twisting, moving and stopping suddenly. Children will be able to choose the right movement they would want to include into their dance. Educators may also guide children choosing the instrument they would like to use for the movement using different sounds. For example, the sound of the fast ringing bells can be the movement of running. Dancing is tapping on kinaesthetic intelligence where the child could learn through body movements. Through practice and hard work, the children could perform certain body movements confidently. They would improve in self-esteem as they successfully perform the desired body movements. Another form of art is drawing. Drawing from observation still represents a key component of statutory art education for children aged 5 to 14 years of age. Drawing involves imagination and creativity and expression. Drawing helps children to express their thoughts with different kinds of lines and shapes

It encourages the young minds to be independent problem solvers as they have to decide on the kind of drawings they want to produce. Observation also plays an important part in drawing. For example, children may observe a stalk of flower or the movements of the grass when the wind blows and draw the expression of what they have observed using different lines. For example, curvy lines, straight lines and zig-zag lines. Once children are allowed to make representational drawings, rather than mere line and shape, they are often directed towards forms of subject matter such as cubes, cones, prisms, and so on, whether copies from pictures of three-dimensional models. Children may also move to a higher level to explore drawing representational drawings with their imagination. Drawings are one of the best ways to document the imaginations of the learners. It allows the opportunity for educators to encourage the children through guidance and improve self-motivation and self-esteem. Educators may guide children by introducing the drawing of different lines such as horizontal line, vertical line, wavy line and spiral line. Students will then apply what they have learnt in their drawings. Students will also need to be given opportunities to observe the environment around them , space for creativity and imagination. Children are then taught to draw more controlled lines. In this case, children are expect to have the discipline to practise the skills of drawing straight lines.

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This due to the fact that, a person possessing this learning style is trained on the same as he bases his or her working on practicality. Some of the preferred learning strategies for the multimodal learning could include online learning whereby students or learners source learning materials from the internet. These materials are very important as they provide crucial knowledge to the learner. The knowledge sourced also has been thoroughly revised and such knowledge is very clear and the student can get a vast knowledge. Research done through online materials is accurate as compared ordinary knowledge got from books as the materials have been edited to suit the modern world (Kress, 2001). Online learning is also efficient as the materials can sourced any time the learner wants the material as it exist twenty fours. Another multimodal learning material is the use of audiovisual materials such as radios and televisions

This type of multimodal learning strategy is very crucial as the learner to listen and even watch the material being presented. The knowledge from such material is very important as it can be retained in the memory of the learner for a long time unlike the ordinary knowledge learned from the books and in class. Knowledge learnt from the television is also important as the learner can visualize what he or she learns from by watching the picture. Printed materials also such as newspapers, magazines and even journals are very in learning. The identified multimodal strategies such as cooperative learning and combining teachings models are also very important but have disadvantages of their own. Not all people are ready to cooperate in learning as people have different opinions (Narey, 2009). To combine the teaching methods also need resources which might not be ready. These make these strategies to be weak and thus unable to solve learning problems. The use of preferred digitalized strategies will move learning to the next level. The changes that are may be expected to be integrated into learning habits include development of habits for learning and making it a routine. This will help in keeping time and moving by plans. It is also important to appraise learning from errors as a way of discovering new ideas and concepts. Another vital change would be dedicating all personal senses to learning. This will involve the use of gestures to improve and make one’s learning style proactive and more useful (Kress, 2001). It is also important to try as much as possible to be flexible in learning and thus being in a position to take in technological advancement advantage on time.

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In fact, you might, for example, encourage your child to create a diorama illustrating a critical scene from their summer reading assignments

If your child is an aspiring coder, there are many resources you can turn to online (or purchase from a store) to let them practice their skills. The possibilities really are endless. Long-term, however, you should speak with your child’s school to understand what steps they are taking to bring hands-on learning into their virtual classrooms, especially if we are faced with a second round of distance learning this fall. If they are unable to give you an adequate answer, and if hands-on learning is important to you, then it may be time to think about transferring to a school that does have a plan and can meet your expectations.

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