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In the mark of a criminal record, weakness was that the generalizability that took place in the study. They only did this study in one area, Milwaukee. Not knowing if there would be a different outcome somewhere else

In order to conduct this study, there were restrictions put on the sample of this study. For them to include employment they needed to include sample restrictions. The generalizability of these restrictions affected the findings to a real employment search, thus credentials a careful consideration. The research questions that are asked in this research are one, what extent employers to use the information about criminal histories to make hiring decisions.

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The consequences of having a criminal record as an adult is much more severe than one might perceive it to be. In many cases, the impact can limit one from getting a professional job or working in certain fields, it can prevent them from getting an education, rejects them from traveling in particular areas of the world and many other penalties as well. A criminal record is information held about that person’s arrest or conviction. Courts can than review ones criminal record to determine their sentencing

Consequence doesn’t just end there though, it than creates a larger conflict for that individuals personal life. The main difference between juvenile and adult justice systems is to keep juveniles out of jail and perform in programs that may reform them and be beneficial to them for future reference. Unfortunately for adults, consequences are much worse based on the crime committed. One of the most common and probably most important uses of a criminal record is access to a background check on that person. This can be extremely crucial to someone’s chances of getting a quality job whether it be a part-time or professional career. They can question you at any time about the incident(s) and can deny you from the position. Additionally, if you lie about your record in your application, it looks worse and can actually be a crime in itself. Depending on the case and amount of convictions one can still receive the job but even that might be too difficult to guarantee. Some of the main reasons an employer frowns upon hiring a convict has do with security of the company, workplace safety and enforcement of employment laws.

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For social media, digital evidence examiners have used sites such as Facebook and MySpace for traditional investigation to establish timelines and peer-group linkages. However, more evidence exists on both the local device accessing social media and on the social media servers themselves. Cusack and Son (2012) found that while numerous tools exist to extract evidence from social media, the functionality can vary greatly and best results may depend on what the examiner is specifically looking for, such as postings or chat logs. There are critical forensic problems with the cloud, such as physical inaccessibility, data of numerous individuals commingled, and chain-of-custody issues where the server location is unknown (see also Ruan, 2011). Delport Köhn, and Olivier concluded that a combination of techniques may be best for now and that future tests are required.

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All things considered, in the U.S. today, 1 in 3 people have a criminal record that appears on a routine background check. Even a minor criminal record can present lifetime barriers to obtaining jobs, housing, and education, and put other opportunities out of reach. The barriers associated with a record can have ripple effects for generations: Nearly half of all U.S

children now have at least one parent with a criminal record, with negative consequences for children’s cognitive development, school performance, and even employment outcomes in adulthood.

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