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Compare the Pros and Cons That the Dark Net Provide and Evaluate Their Value to Society

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The term deep Web is used to denote a class of content on the Internet that, for various technical reasons, is not indexed by search engines

The dark Web is a part of the deep Web that has been intentionally hidden and is inaccessible through standard Web browsers. A relatively known source for content that resides on the dark Web is found in the Tor network. Tor, and other similar networks, enables users to traverse the Web in near complete anonymity by encrypting data packets and sending them through several network nodes, called onion routers.

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In a remote and dangerous region of the Internet dwells another lesser-known net, a lawless digital no-man's-land with a shady reputation and an ominous name: The Darknet. Here on the virtually anything-goes Darknet, with its guaranteed anonymity, criminals and scammers of one stripe or another, anti-government rebels, revolutionaries, terrorists and other varieties of outlaw can hawk their goods and services, communicate with visitors and customers to their sites and with each other, and operate anonymously and thus presumably with impunity. But the Darknet, paradoxically, is also like a Dr

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, with its share of good qualities as well, including its use by law enforcement agencies to conceal their own legal activities and as a medium for writing and reading what might otherwise be censored in authoritarian states. So the Darknet is not entirely evil and beyond redemption. But first, let's take a look at the darkest side of the Darknet. Major crimes committed through the assistance of the Darknet include the sales of guns of every variety and caliber, no license required, no questions asked. Buyers favor assault weapons such as the AK-47 assault rifle, but new and stolen handguns also sell briskly. A notorious Darknet site called Silk Road was alleged to be a virtual supermarket of narcotics, where traffickers and users could buy their drugs of choice in small amounts or wholesale lots. The FBI took down the site, but soon afterward a site called Silk Road 2.0 appeared and reportedly resumed business as usual. Counterfeit U.S. currency is also sold on the Darknet – especially 20 and 100 dollar bills, peddled at prices discounted from their face value. Also much in demand from Darknet entrepreneurs are phony passports, birth certificates, forged or bogus documents and stolen credit cards. Prostitutes advertise openly on the Darknet, usually with photographs, although some of the photos may not be pictures of the person advertising. But to whom can a swindled customer complain? Another category of criminal enterprise found on the Darknet is the professional assassin. Murder-for-hire services are boldly advertised, and although there are no reliable figures on the number of Darknet-related contract killings, there are reputedly no shortage of customers. Some self-proclaimed assassins of the Darknet you might ironically say are unethical because they take a customer's money and never deliver the promised fatal result.

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Anonymity in the Dark Web can be used to shield military command and control systems in the field from identification and hacking by adversaries. The military may use the Dark Web to study the environment in which it is operating as well as to discover activities that present an operational risk to troops (Patrick Tucker, 2014). For instance, evidence suggests that the Islamic State (IS) and supporting groups seek to use the Dark Web’s anonymity for activities beyond information sharing, recruitment, and propaganda dissemination, using Bitcoin to raise money for their operations. In its battle against IS, the Department of Defense (DOD) can monitor these activities and employ a variety of tactics to foil terrorist plots. Tor software can be used by the military to conduct a clandestine or covert computer network operation such as taking down a website or a denial of service attack, or to intercept and inhibit enemy communications. Another use could be a military deception or psychological operation, where the military uses the Dark Web to plant disinformation about troop movements and targets, for counterintelligence, or to spread information to discredit the insurgents’ narrative

These activities may be conducted either in support of an ongoing military operation or on a stand-alone basis. DOD’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is conducting a research project, called Memex, to develop a new search engine that can uncover patterns and relationships in online data to help law enforcement and other stakeholders track illegal activity (Andy Greenberg, 2015). Commercial search engines such as Google and Bing use algorithms to present search results by popularity and ranking, and are only able to capture approximately 5% of the Internet.

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In the long run, dark Net Markets (DNMs) are websites that facilitate the trade of illegal items

The most prolifically sold products are drugs, but many other items are available including hacking software, stolen goods, weapons, eBooks, and drug paraphernalia. They function in a similar m nner to eBay or the Amazon marketplace by allowing buyers to create accounts and connect with independent sellers across the world. However, the use of Dark Net technologies allows users to anonymously exchange goods or services for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

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