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Constitutional Law

1. Congress attempted to place restrictions on the President’s ability to wage war in the War Powers Act of 1973. What are the major provisions of this legislation and how effective as it been in limiting the President’s war-making powers? Give examples to justify your views
2. Executive Privilege was claimed by President Nixon during the Watergate investigations. How did the U.S. Supreme Court respond to this claim, and to what extent was “executive privilege” strengthened or weakened as a result of Watergate? Give examples to support your opinion.
3. Should the National Security Agency possess the authority to engage in widespread surveillance against U.S. citizens? Justify your response by citing court rulings and/or laws that support your case
4. Should the USA join the international community in recognizing the International Criminal Court? What might be some of the implications or consequences of your answer? Cite examples and/or court cases to support your opinion.

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