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The Claxton IEP Book Summary

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Written from the perspective of an educator with over 25 years of experience working with students receiving various levels of special education services, Planning, Writing, and Implementing an IEP: A Christian Approach goes far beyond completing paperwork and conducting meetings, and addresses the comprehensive nature of the IEP process

In addition, the publication approaches the IEP process from a Christian perspective, reminding the reader to look at each IEP as an opportunity to serve a family by providing hope and a vision for the student’s education. The publication challenges administrators, service providers, and parents, to consider an IEP from a different perspective. This book reminds readers that IEP meetings need not be a time of conflict and controversy, and that writing the components of an IEP can become part of a plan for the student’s future, rather than a dreaded task to complete. The Bible is the most often referenced book. It is this perspective that makes this book unique.

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In their book “Writing Quality Individualized Education Programs”, authors Gordon S. Gibb and Tina Taylor Dyches state “special education is not a place, like a resource room or selfcontained classroom, but it is “specially designed instruction” provided in whatever setting the individualized education program (IEP) team determines appropriate.” Special education is a federally mandated and controlled branch of education that is desgined to provide a free and appropriate education to students with disabilities. One of the most integral components of special education is the IEP. An IEP is a legally binding document that lays out all of the goals and accomodations determined by the IEP team that schools must follow to guarantee that all children receive a free and appropriate education, regardless of disability

The ultimate goal of the IEP is to define what specially designed instruction is neede to help students with disabilities progress and succeed in the general curriculum. It is a confidential document, designed by the members of the IEP team, which include parents, regular education teacher, special education teachers, local education agency (LEA) representatives, and other professionals, such as a school psychologist, who proceed through a series of defined steps to create the document.

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Given these points, this formal, written plan is individualized for each student with a disability, based on that student's unique needs. A student's IEP guides the delivery of special education supports and services for that student for the course of the student's school career

IEP teams (parents, teachers, administrators, service personnel, students) design a student's educational program to ensure the student participates in and makes progress in the general curriculum.

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