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Who Owns the Internet Article Analysis

In Chapter 1 of Understanding Media Industries, Timothy Havens and Amanda Lotz introduce us to two important words/concepts: agency and ideology. Therefore, the question for this discussion forum is: According to Havens and Lotz, do the words "agency" and "ideology" carry mostly positive or mostly negative connotations when used as concepts to analyze the media industries? Please devote the first half of your essay to answering this question. In the second half of your essay, react to the other assigned reading,"Who owns the Internet? What Big Tech's monopoly powers mean for our culture," by Elizabeth Kolbert. Kolbert's article is fairly short, but it is rich with examples and information about how agency and ideology impact today's media industries in multiple ways. The article is partly a book review of two recently published books that both offer a negative view of the giant new-media companies of Google, Facebook, and Amazon, primarily from the perspective of ownership. Kolbert's article touches on history, politics, legislation, technology (most notably algorithms), and popular culture.

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