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Conduct a Company and Stock Analysis to Assess Market Value and Trends for IBM, Inc

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International Business Machine Corp. (NYSE: IBM) is an integrated solutions company that leverages data to create value for clients. IBM is currently transitioning from a traditional hardware and software services to a cognitive services and cloud platform company. Upon inspection of the company we conclude that IBM’s transition into cognitive and cloud computing is not fully discounted into the current valuation which warrants a multiple re-rating in the near future as these growth prospects come to fruition.

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The antidote to complexity is transparency. Complexity can hide the reality about financial condition. This led to great uncertainty in the minds of investors and can cause irrational behaviour among players. Runs on solvent companies arise where customers cannot tell the difference between those organisations which can meet their financial obligations and those which cannot. The first remedy to future crises is greater transparency in the form of stronger reporting requirements to the public. The antidote to inflexibility is insurance. Firms and individuals who want to borrow should be required to purchase “shock absorbers” with which to withstand a loss of income, natural disaster or default. The most basic kind is a “rainy day account” a reserve fund of cash that a firm or individual could use in case of adversity. The antidote to speed is a coordinated braking mechanism. Trading in markets can be suspended, as can provide a “cooling off” period in which news and information can disperse, allowing panicked player to assess the situation more fully. The brakes need to be applied infrequently and carefully. If player in the market can correctly anticipate a reaction by governments, the player will begin to game system. The antidote to the massive scale of losses will be the creation of larger reserve institutions. The company must maintain a reserve that is equal to the loss they has expected and creates dent to such occasion

The company must consider the another constraints like global currency slump, wealth distribution scheme. It is becoming widely understood that the way in which companies are behaving as a society is environmentally unsustainable, causing irreparable damage to our planet. Rising energy prices, together with government-imposed levies on production of carbon, has been increasingly impacting the cost of running business, making many current business practices economically unsustainable. It is becoming progressively more useful for all businesses to act in an environmentally responsible manner, both to fulfil their legal and moral obligations, but also to enhance the brand and to improve corporate image. Environmental issues are one of the important aspects of this company, because the material they use is toxic in nature and the use of these gadgets is all over the world and in massive amount. That’s why government are getting strict on these factors and screwing it up day by day with strict rules. IBM has already begun on this champagne of green and save energy cost which worth million, from their environmental strategy IBM has save 40% of energy. This dimension is eco friendly as well a positive sign for IBM because they are saving huge amount of energy amount.These are the aspects that affect the strategy changes within the management of IBM. Stakeholder expectations and interests, owners private/shareholders profit, performance, direction, government taxation, VAT, legislation, Employment Rate, senior Management staff Performance, Targets, Non-managerial staff Rates of pay, Job security, working environment and hours, Trade Union working conditions, Minimum wage, Customers Quality, Customer, Care, Price, Creditors credit score, new contracts, Liquidity, Suppliers Long-term Contract, Stable, Payment, Local Community Jobs, Involvement, Environmental issues, shares.

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Being in the computer science field, the organization has had the opportunity to specialize and interact with different computer systems at different levels, including network administration and security. It is worth to enroll in different classes including introduction to operating system, advanced programming, advanced wireless networking and computer systems management. This is a critical provision I the context of management and operation enhancement. These classes will function as a basis for educational plan in order to achieve the set long-term personal goals. Attending the recent joint Google and IBM technology workshop in New York was beneficial. Given academic performances, IBM Chief Executive, Virginia Rometty assured me of an internship in their organisation coming next summer. Business management of the IBM Company’s electronic products is what I want to do. Reasons being: For IBM Company, the global arena has been something of greater interest because it has been engaged in international business. For this company it has been necessary to come up with ways of exploring markets whereby the economic factors appear to favor business operations. The economic position should be able to favor business growth and offer new incentives towards business success (Williams, 76).Given a chance to manage a Global business like IBM Corporation, It is vital to make sure that there is a proper application of human resource as one of the relevant attributes, which can work miracles for a given organization (Williams, 76). Why is this so? When there is a proper adoption of human resource management in an organization like IBM Corporation, it becomes very possible to have goals, which make all the employees in the organization working hard to the realization of better objectives and missions, which have been set in place. This enhances a possibility of having better results and provision of all positive services to the clients and stakeholders. Human resource management, as an important contributory element in management, makes it possible to have all issues within the organization so that all players can be comfortable with the business involvements. With an educational diploma in management from a reputable management institution, one of the greatest ideas passed to learners is in the manner in which decision-making is done within the organization. Thus it will be easy to engage in positive ways of making decisions in the business (Williams, 72). During good decision-making, the president would be able to incorporate better strategies through which all individuals and employees in the business shall be encouraged to engage in the process. Decision-making is today the best rule, which has been seeing the greatest number of organizations achieving better performance and realization of their goals (Williams 76). Whenever managing a business in a company, several elements need to be studied. From different publications, there has been presentation of the major factors affecting business performance both internationally and locally (Williams 78). IBM Corporation has been aiming higher profits within the next five years. It will be the president’s chance to show that to achieve this there should appropriate utilization of resources and carry extensive studies to outline the major approaches that can improve the overall performance of the company.

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In any event, IBM is emerging as more than a hardware, software and services company and is transforming into a cognitive and cloud platform company

We believe IBM occupies a unique position in the technology industry with a long-standing strategic IT relationship with global corporations. IBM has been running most critical process for its clients and has the ability to leverage its product suite to add further value to customers.

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