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Fight Racial Injustices & Discrimination

American society likes to believe that race relations in our country are no longer strained. We do not want to hear about the need for affirmative action or about the growing numbers of white supremacist groups. In order to appease our collective conscious, we put aside the disturbing fact that racism is alive and well in the great U.S.A. It hides in the workplace, it subtly shows its ugly face in the media, and it affects the education of minority students nationwide...

How can an individual fight racial injustices and empower himself/herself and others in the face of discrimination?
Think critically and reflect on the following categories:
What problems come about because of racism? Why should individuals become aware of racism?
What can individuals do to improve race issues in society? How can racism create oppression?
What are the issues arise when society does not accept or welcomes diversity?
As you are writing, it is important to consider both the intentional and unintentional learning (e.g. hidden values, messages, rules, beliefs) that impact your beliefs and values regarding race.

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