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Quarantine and Epidemiology

Daniel Defoe, Journal of the Plague Year Preview the document(1722), an excerpt.

Context Clues:

Who is the author? What important information can you find about him?
Where and when did he live?
What is the genre of the text?
In what language was it written?
Is this a true story?

Key terms and events to look up:

The Great Plague of London

As you read, consider:

What metaphors are used to represent this plague? What are some of the implications of presenting it in this way?
How is the outbreak described? How is the city of London described?
What explanations do the people of London find for the eruption of the plague?
How do people react to and deal with the plague in the text?
How do people in positions of authority deal with the plague?
What orders did the Mayor publish?
What happens to the social order following the outbreak?
How does the reading relate to previous readings/films you have encountered in this course?

* Discussion Board Assignment Questions:

What similarities do you find between the pandemic in Journal of the Plague Year and COVID-19? What might we learn from the text about our current condition?
What connections can you find between Foucault’s writing and the conditions represented in Journal of the Plague Year? What regime or regimes, according to Foucault, best describe these conditions?

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