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Creating New Social Media

FIRST, the content of the project should attempt to "tell the story" of this older "new media". What were some important social, cultural, economic or political issues that arose with it? What was it that made it a good example of "new media"? Your research should include academic sources, news accounts, and even popular media content (e.g. pop music lyrics, TV shows, film clips, photographs, etc.). Attention should be paid to the question of what the older "new media" can teach us about our contemporary experience.
SECOND, your project should tell this story using some form of contemporary new media itself. Your final project will consist of a digital media production such as a website, a dedicated blog (e.g. on Wordpress or Tumblr), a dedicated website, a series of podcasts, a social media project (e.g. Instagram feed, YouTube channel, etc.) or other such work. Your project should attempt to make as much use of the platform's features as it can to "tell its story" (for e.g., use the commenting features in YT or IG to generate a discussion, follow other blogs/channels/feeds that discuss similar content, etc.). If you're group does not feel technically capable of realizing such a project, please speak with me about the option of submitting an enriched written report.
Some Possible Older "New Media"
- video
- television
- photography
- film
- radio
- the phonograph
- newspapers

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