Instructions How to Write

Practice Guide for Effective Employee Management

Guide for Effective Employee Management ', a practical resource application

Guidline and some websites:

Your team’s role is to deliver a ‘Best Practice Guide for Effective Employee
Management (‘The Guide’)’.
Outcome (Quantity/Quality)
The Guide must contain the following elements:
1. An explanation of ‘employee engagement’ and why it is essential for business
2. Comprehensive analysis and practical application of three of the pillars from the
Bersin (2015) framework (Figure 1) that you consider to be the most important
to build employee engagement.
3. Develop a ‘practice guide’ containing :
• Context: The operational problems (challenges) that leaders face when
managing employees in relation to each selected pillar. • Implementation: Practical solutions that leaders can implement to
overcome the challenges
• Synthesis: Summarise your key insights in an integrated framework to
illustrate the connection between each pillar, challenges & solutions.
• Checklist: For each pillar develop a checklist to assist managers in the
implementation of best practice principles.
You will justify your insights from the content in the semester topics (refer Appendix
1) and scholarly and professional literature.

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