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CNN Presents 1960s 1965-1969

After watching the Sixties presented by CNN (ep.6-ep.10), answer the following questions.
1. Is this new Information? If yes, did you know in detail, or have just basic knowledge of the major events?
2. If no, how did the information impact your attitude towards the actions or lack of action on those who were responsible for creating or influencing society during this particular decade?
3. Name 4 major Tech, Scientific, or Architectural advancements or achievements during the 1960s (1965-69) that changed or improved the American lifestyle.
4. Did technology change 1965-69 how Americans viewed their Social status throughout the World through Movies, Entertainment, Sports, News, Magazines, Print, etc.?
5.Were there any reactions from other Nations towards the United States, (1965-69) due to our need of Status throughout the World.
6.Were there any the major breakthroughs in the Entertainment Industry ? Who, if any, were the "New" voices that emerged, leading what would become "the counterculture"
7. What political or private scandals occurred, either within the United States or abroad that would change the way the Federal Government regulated those working in the Entertainment Industry.
8.Were there any actions or reactions (1965-69) taken against Individuals in the Entertainment Industry during this decade.
If there were any changes, who led them and what were they?

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