Instructions How to Write


Try to focus on a particular aspect of your research, even a particular source. Did you have to learn new skills or modify old skills to find it? How do you see your research process affecting your writing in other classes going forward?
Has working on a paper that is not largely argument-driven forced you to change your approach to writing a paper (research first, different notetaking, new kinds of outline, etc.)? If so, how? If not, how has your standard process helped you to navigate new kinds of assignments?
How has reading other authors and thinking about their rhetorical position affected how you think about your own authority as a rhetor? How are you thinking about your audience at this point?
At this point, have you needed to substantially revise or shift your position on the topic? If so, explain. If not, what kinds of complications are you anticipating as you finish work on the CP and start thinking about advocating for a specific solution?

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