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Nursing Organization Case

Joseph Yang has been hired as the director of an intensive care unit (ICU) at a new community hospital. As a member of the administrative team, he will be working with the chief nursing officer (CNO), the associate CNO, and the other directors to develop the organizational and governance plan for the new hospital. Joseph and the team are relying on multiple nursing and administrative theories as they make their plans. They know that their patient population will be drawn from a relatively affluent community and that there appears to be a good pool of qualified nurses in the area, many with BSNs and higher degrees. Other than that, they are starting with a blank slate.

What are some of the considerations that Joseph and the administrative team must take into account as they plan their nursing organization?
Assuming that the administrative team is composed of transformational leaders who plan to use the “Strategies for a Transformational Leader” what will be the priority considerations for them in planning their organization?

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