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Analysis of Theory in When Kids Get Life

The goal of this research paper is to master the literature as well as apply research and theory to the experiences presented in your readings and in the video, “When Kids Get Life”.

PART I: The first part of the research paper includes a literature review, which provides a detailed analysis of each of the following:
1. Theories explaining the causes of juvenile delinquency
2. Possible strategies and interventions designed to stop juvenile delinquency
3. The alternatives, both pro and con, to the strategies/interventions proposed
The review will be a summary and analysis of selected academic journal articles, government reports, practical reports, and/or textbook chapters related to the topic. Popular magazines and articles will not be allowed unless previously approved by the professor. The literature review should focus on the most current information (past five to ten years), should be thorough in its coverage of the topic (between five-eight references),

PART II: The second part of the research paper will contain one case study of juvenile delinquents. The study should involve one of the youths described in either Voices in the juvenile justice system or “When Kids Get Life.” Address the following questions:
1. How did this person’s family background influence the course of his or her behaviors?
2. How did success or failure in school influence subsequent behaviors?
3. How was he or she affected by the environment?
4. What theories apply closely to the choices that this person made?
5. What theories apply to why this youth chose to commit the criminal act(s)?
6. What preventative or treatment program worked or could have worked best with this youth?

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