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Controversial Issues in the U.S. Politics

Assume you are a member of the legislature and now must cast the deciding vote on a very controversial issue. If you knew that your personal position was contrary to that held by the majority of the people in your district, would you vote in accord with your beliefs or their interests? If you were able to vote anonymously, would this change your vote?

Within the history of the United States, controversial issues have caused division among elected officials. There have been points in history such as the Civil War when these controversial issues cause regionalism. If I were a legislator in the south during the times of slavery, I would be anti slavery even though the majority of elected officials within the area in which I live would be pro slavery. Defending the liberty of the innocent is very important if one wishes to live in a world with democracy and human rights. If one is not in politics for power and glory, one should stand up for what’s right weather voting is anonymous or not anonymous, though I would understand why someone would support a controversial issue anonymously. Even if one isn’t in politics for power or economic reasons, they may want to support a policy anonymously if it is to protect their friends or family. An example of this issue is North Korea, where if one dissents, not only is the dissenter punished, but the dissenter of the family is punished. In a democracy such as the United States, one has no excuse but to vote for issues which are what’s right and constitutional. If I were ever in such a situation, I would support what’s right, but would prefer to anonymously. The reason for this is that if I dissented against what the district believes, I would get voted out. If one gets voted out my a majority who supports issues which are unethical and unconstitutional, then my replacement would be someone who doesn’t support what is ethical and constitutional. I personally believe that it is the job of policy makers to defend the liberated and human rights of the populace in order to have a truly free and just society. Though some would rather be a martyr for what’s right, I would rather look at the long term and make sure that are polices are created with long lasting good intentions.

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