Instructions How to Write

Preparation of Oxazolidinone

The Topic is Preparation of Oxazolidinone
The description of the Review article (instructors) to be followed carefully PLEASE :
1- First: It is to write the Biological activities of Oxazolidinone, like antibacterial agents, anticancer, antidiabetic, antifungal activities, antioxidant, antiprotozoal, antivirals, hypertension. ( As shown in the sample that I have attached ). I want around 40 Scheme in this Biological Activities.
2- Second is to write different methods (schemes) to prepare Oxazolidinone. and describe this method.
3- Particularly talk about overall 40 schemes to prepare Oxazolidinone. These schemes should be under these main methods:
1- from ortho esters
2- from carboxylic acids
3- from aldehydes
4- from anhydrides
5- from esters
6- from acid chlorides
7- from cyanogen bromide
8- from nitriles
9- from ketones
10- from orthoformate

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