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Business Management Assignment Discussion Questions

Discuss the main technique (one or more of the five factors) used to analyze competition in the retail (for example, Wal-Mart) industry environment, using Porter's Five Forces Model. Research and discuss "Competitive Markets and the Rule of Three" from the Ivey Business Journal.

Discuss the role and importance of industry and competitive analysis and internal situation analysis in identifying strategic issues company managers must address. Discuss the relationship between organizational capabilities and core competencies.

Discuss why some of the five generic strategies work better in certain kinds of industry and competitive conditions than in others.

Discuss the role of being a first-mover or a fast-follower or a late-mover that can lead to competitive advantage.

Discuss how and why different market conditions across countries influence a company's strategy choices in international markets.

Discuss how related diversification strategies can produce cross-business strategic fits capable of delivering competitive advantage.

Discuss how do you become an effective and ethical strategic leader.

How would you describe the organization of your company's top management team? What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of the decision-making approach your company is employing?

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