Instructions How to Write

Family of Origin

•Interview at least two people in your family from prior generations (if possible).
•Inquire about
•Their experiences growing up.
•Your own childhood.
•How they view the field of counseling.
•Contrast these views with your own.
•Consider any insights you gain into the significance of your own family and cultural background as you prepare to enter the field of counseling.
•Ask yourself the same questions you ask your relatives.

Other Information
•Family influences and events that have impacted your decision to enter the helping professions
•Discuss/evaluate your family patterns and themes.
•Insights from simple genogram.
•Family issues you identify that may impact your effectiveness as a counselor.
•Structure of your family.
•Relationships with your parents and siblings.
•Key turning points for you and your family.
•Messages you received from your parents.

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