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Federalism Challenges and Intergovernmental Relations in the 21st Century

The constitutional principle known as Federalism, which describes the relationship among the various levels of government, is essential for understanding the complexity of over 89,000 separate units of government in the United States (Census Bureau). Both the division and sharing of power has changed significantly since the founding of the republic for a variety of reasons—most notably, as a function of over 200 years of history and the maturing of the nation-states, which was necessary to confront realities of a rapidly changing global society

In this discussion forum, provide remarks concerning elements of Federalism and intergovernmental relations. Please combine the textbook Introducing public administration (9th ed.).

How may Federalism and intergovernmental relations accelerate or impede administrative efficiency? Also, given the nature of our Federalist system, can we really define efficiency in the same context as private-sector counterparts in business administration?

Federalism has changed rapidly under different presidential administrations. States and cities are entering policy arenas unheard of even a few years ago. Sanctuary cities. Environmental concerns. LGBT rights. Health care options. Marijuana enforcement. Policing in general. Provide an example of this changing Federalism landscape with implications for public administrators.

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