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Angela Davis Reading

Please submit this week's Discussion Questions Response on the following readings:

1. W7D2 Angela Davis Reading note that this is another Internet Archive (IA) Reading, which requires you to follow the sign-in and borrowig steps you've taken with the other IA reading assignments.

Please read chapter 3, pp. 115-146.
2. W8D1 Carmichael Reading Please read pp. 439-483 (Chapters XIX and XX)

Please note that all the italic comments appearing in brackets are made by the co-writer, scholar and former SNCC activist Ekwueme Michael Thelwell.
From the section syllabus:

Each student should submit a short (1-page max) summary no later than 10 minutes before their assigned discussion section that answers the following questions about each of the week’s readings:

1. Who is the author?
2. If different from the author, who is the historical figure?
3. What is the overarching conflict in the biography?
4. Who do you think was the audience for the biography at the time it was written?
5. What is “the shelf-life” of the biography? (How long after the biography was published do you think people would still be buying/reading it?)

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