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History Questions

1. In the decades that followed the Civil War, the U.S. underwent a rapid transition from a rural agrarian society to an urban industrial nation. In your essay explain the impact of industrialization on the country. Then describe the experience of blacks, immigrants and laborers. Were they entitled to fully enjoy “American liberty?” Your answer should cover the time period from 1870-1910. Give specific examples to support your answer.

2. What were the main social, political and economic characteristics of the progressive era? In your answer fully explain those characteristics and identify the respective leaders and their strategies for reform. This essay should cover the time period from 1890-1920

3. The U.S. exhibited periods of both expansionism and isolationism in terms of foreign policy. How did the U.S. intervene in world affairs from 1890-1916 to create its own empire? WWI, the Great War “to end all wars,” altered world politics and American society. Explain the reasons for U.S. entry into WWI. Finally explain President Wilson’s 14 Point Peace Plan. How did he hope to make the world safe for democracy? Define and describe the vision.

4. After a brief post war depression in 1922, the U.S. entered the Roaring 20s. In your essay explain the technological and social changes of the 1920s. In addition, define the Harlem Renaissance and explain its significance.

5. What caused the Great Depression of the 1930s that followed this prosperity? How did the government, under Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt, deal with the problem? (Give very specific examples from each President’s administration to support your points. You must provide examples from both New Deals).

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