Instructions How to Write

Сommunity Survey Report


1. Summarize your findings

2. What conclusions can you draw about this neighborhood on the basis of the data provided?

• Consider the disarray if the neighborhood, possible lack of employment or activities, age and conditions of the structures and so on.
• Assess the need to collect adequate facts before you draw conclusions that may be false or unsupported.

3. What further data are needed to support your conclusions?

• Review your information
• Cluster data into related groups and identify patterns
• Determine what further facts are needed to validate your conclusions.

4. How can the nurse or agency address some of the potential noted problems in this neighborhood?

• Identify possible neighborhood problems, such as teenage pregnancies, gangs, poor housing conditions, homelessness, and so on.
• Rate problems on the basis of their difficulty to address.
• Identify which problems the community health nurse can effectively address.
• Explore services available in your community.
• Decide if any of those services would benefit this community.

5. What are your own biases about this neighborhood?

• Analyze your own reactions to this case.
• Identify your feelings about the neighborhood.
• Compare this neighborhood with your own. Consider whether you would be comfortable living in this neighborhood.

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